Should I use a tablet with controller?

Received a Mavic Mini for Christmas. My LG Stylo 4 phone is evidently not compatible with DJI Fly. No idea why… It’s got an 8 core 64 bit processor running Android 9 (Pie). DJI support said they are working on the software and in the interim I should buy a new phone on their approved list. No way I am going to buy a new phone until 5G has rolled out. But am considering purchasing a 7 or 8" tablet. Only tablets I see that DJI lists as compatible are ipads. I already have an iPad air but feel it’s too big. Besides, it is not listed as compatible.

Prefer a tablet that will fit in the controller and not needing a bracket above it. I understand I will have to get a longer cable for it. Saw a good price on a Lenovo E8. Anyone know if that will work? The only function of this tablet will be to use with the drone so don’t want to spend a fortune.

Will I lose any features by not having a cell phone connection while flying? I guess I could tether the tablet to my LG cell phone when flying but that’s just another annoyance. One thought is to return the Mavic Mini and buy something else. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Hi, i’m using a lenovo 7" tab.
had a problem finding the fly app in the store so i DL the APK from DJI site.
it works with no problem.

Thank you for the reply. Until yours, I had no replies and DJI support was not helpful. Would not say what tablets would work and suggested I buy a new phone. Was close to returning the Mini but decided to buy a bracket and use my iPad Air2. Still have not had a chance to give it a try. There are a lot of conflicting posts on using a 9.7" iPad. Some people on the forum say too big, others say it’s great. Guess I’ll see for myself.

What is the model # of your Lenovo 7"? Does it fit into the Mini controller? I still may wind up going that route.