Should I replace this propeller?

Hello, today I crahed into a small branch, no damange but my propeller chipped. Should I replace it?

What’s the upside to keeping a cracked propeller? You save the cost of a new set (not much) and potentially risk your drone. Doesn’t sound like a good trade off to me. Also, when the prop hits something, it puts a lot of stress at the prop’s connection point, at the screw hole. A failure there brings down the drone.

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Yes, change it, but not just the one, change both (on the same motor). These propellers are manufactured at various times and possibly different locations and the formula for the material might vary somewhat and therefore the weight of the propellers. There is no guarantee that the props that are on the drone now weigh the same as the new ones. Even a small difference, spinning at hundreds even thousands of RPMs will create a vibration and just add to more problems…

Additionally, both props actually hit the branch, but just one shows damage. Is the price of a set of propellers worth the risk of having a prop disintegrate in flight and having your drone drop like a stone onto the ground, the water (pond/lake), or into the trees?