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Shield K1 tab and MM?

Has anyone managed to get an Nvidia Shield K1 to work with DJI Fly app? I am about to receive my first Mavic Mini, and don’t really want to buy a new tablet as this one is just sitting here at the moment (However I understand that I may have to…). The sole purpose of the tablet would be for the MM. I have an adapter bracket already, as the plan was to use the shield tab.
Any help would be greately appreciated go get this working for me.

The K1 Shield used to be THE tablet for all the DJI drones, as it easily and quickly processed all DJI (and 3d party) apps. Unfortunately, and for unknown reason(s) NVIDIA dropped the shield tablet and it’s processor could not keep up w/the Drone flight apps upgrades. You could try your K1 on your Mini 2 - nothing ventured as they say. I only have Phantom 4 pro and Mavic 2 Z. I replaced my K1 w/a Samsung Galaxy TabS5e, and couldn’t be happier. It easily runs all DJI apps as well as Litchi. The 10" screen is also great for these ol eyes ;-). If you want to look at the tablets/phones, etc that runDJI apps best, go to
Happy Flying

Thanks for the reply mate. I have gone for a Lenovo M10. Same screen as yours. So HOPEFULLY one of my devices will work LOL.