Share your flight checklist

I’m working on a few projects to help DJI pilots develop their own flight checklists. If you’re using a flight checklist before or after your flights and don’t mind sharing it with others, please post it below.

very good idea. I am interested !

I have had thoughts of creating a check list - seems like it would need to be aircraft/controller specific and possibly phone/tablet specific… For example, I have an Inspire 1 with two remotes and two iPads, an Inspire 2 with 2 controllers and 2 iPads, 2 cameras and several different lenses and recently a Mavic 2 Pro with a smart controller… I think the preflight checklists would need to be different in some ways for each aircraft/controller, etc… It could be astronomical to resolve the need under a general heading of DJI pilots… I think it would be better served under each aircraft help forum… I am older than most dji pilots I suspect and I am always forgetting something like compass calibration, camera settings, nda filter, photo vs video, sd card, starting the video, stopping the video before turning off the aircraft, and many many other items critical to a successful flight and great videos or photos… It would be nice to create a small flash card for each setup to keep in my pocket to glance at prior to takeoff… I would bet if someone went to the trouble of creating various sets of these that they could even sell them on Amazon or eBay… Anyway, just my thoughts on the topic…

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Yes, I’m thinking nearly all checklists have some pretty specific items listed that won’t necessarily be usable by everyone. My idea is to collect some checklists to use as a base to help other people build a checklist that works for them.

Some people do sell them on Amazon/eBay. The problem (in my eyes) is just like you mentioned – there’s no way to make one checklist (or a handful) that can be sold to everyone.


My checklist…


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