Search and Rescue. Advice or Tips.

Hi Folks, Im possibly going to be heading off, to do some Search and Rescue work abroad. I am currently trying to add another string to my Bow, by learning how to operate a Drone (Mavic 2 Pro), and could do with a bit of advice on accessories. I am hoping that any Forum member, who has worked or operated a Mavic 2, in Search and Rescue, Urban Rescue, Emergency Services, etc, could offer advice or recommendations, on the subject of Strobe/Searchlights, Drop /Release devices (cheap or expensive..its reliability and quality of performance, Im looking for). On a personal level, what equipment, for your drone, do you always have in your Grab Bag, in rediness for a Call Out, that through experience or necessity, you always like to have with you. Please note, I will be restricted to what I can personally carry. Any tips or experience that you think, might come in handy, would be appreciated. Thank you, for any advice you can give. P.s, Im from Scotland, so might not have access, to any suppliers of equipment, you recommend from the U.S.A. Cheers, Jock.