SD Card Removal

This may sound silly, but, I cannot get my Mavic Air 2 to eject the Micro SD Card. I powered everything “ON” and thought that pressing in on the card would get it to eject. Nothing happened. Why do easy things trip me up so? Could someone please advise me?

A Micro SD Card should only be removed or inserted (for that matter) when everything is powered off. Powering the unit off prevents “spikes” and “surges” from can damaging the electronics of the Drone or the card.

Each MicroSD tray is soldered to a circuit board and their position is “usually” universal, but sometimes there might be an aberration it gets set a bit further back and the MicroSD Card always looks like it is not inserted all the way, sometimes it get soldered a bit forward and the Card has to be inserted a bit further into the Drone. Also, where the circuit board fits in the body of the Drone might be a bit off

Perhaps, you need to just push (gently) a bit further in (with a fingernail…). That is assuming that no one forced it in upside down. Worse case, a pair of tweezers might be needed to remove it.

Good Luck.

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