Screen not connecting after HDMI module install

Hi All. I have a P4 Advanced and wanted to use the goggles so I installed the HDMI module (genuine part). Now when I go to start up, the monitor, Crystalsky, says Disconnected. The drone still starts manually but I have no screen connection. Is there something I need to do, software, setting, etc?
I have double checked the install and all seems ok. When I power on the controller the monitor starts up so I think it’s got connection there. Thanks in advance.

You might want to post this on another DJI and Mavic site.

I have, no reply

Do you see the start up screen in the goggles?
It’s been awhile since I installed my hdmi but I think I had to update the firmware for the controller

It seems that the controller is not compatible with the module so I’ve ordered another controller which has HDMI already. Thanks