Saved Flight Location

Is there a way to save a location to enable returning to that exact same location with Mavic2?
Invariably, my batteries die at the most important photographic moment and would love to bring it home, change battery, and return to the same location to resume shooting exactly where I left off.

Try setting a Waypoint at the location and saving it, if it is within the Waypoint setting limitations imposed by DJI.

While you could use Litchi to find the current latitude/longitude, I don’t know of any way to quickly fly back to that spot after a battery change. If you can see the map in DJI GO, you could make a mental note of the last location and manually fly back to that spot.

Can’t GO 4 display the current GPS coordinates on the screen during flight, as a setting configuration, or is that only in the .srt video metadata files, if enabled?


It is certainly displayed in the recorded flight logs. I just checked on that to reconfirm. Need to check about GO 4. Certainly SHOULD be able to be displayed, as it is being continuously recorded to the GO 4 tablet flight log.

For sure! There is no option to display it though.

Maybe I am confusing it with the EVO. I thought for sure one or the other displayed it live. Does Litchi display live GPS coordinates?

Yes, Litchi has an option that allows the current GPS coordinates to be displayed.

That must have been it! Litchi for the win!

GS Pro has this ability, too. But it seems to be not totally fool-proof.