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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2020)

Let’s discuss using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with DJI GO. Share tips, the best device settings, accessories used with this device, and troubleshoot problems.

Here are some tips/settings that’ll help DJI GO perform better on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite:

I just got mine and love it. Works dji fly and litchi no issues

I’m having compass orientation display issues with my tablet. I’m using the Mini 2 with the new RC that has a top mount.

I don’t have any issues

I own a S6 Lite and and generally happy with it BUT just found out that a feature of the DJI FLY app requires a tablet or phone to have an inbuilt camera and the S6 Lite does NOT have an inbuilt camera. Why can’t DJI have a list of MUST haves and HIGHLY DESIRABLE for the FLY app? If they did I would not have purchased the S6 Lite and paid extra for whatever model I could find which does have an inbuilt camera. Brickbats to DJI.