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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (2019)

Let’s discuss using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e with DJI GO. Share tips, the best device settings, accessories used with this device, and troubleshoot problems.

Here are some tips/settings that’ll help DJI GO perform better on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e:

I’ve flown the Mini 2 with the Samsung S5e half a dozen time now, with no issues at all. The screen is bright and clear and is mounted with the DJI Tablet mount. Not a cheap option but one that gives me enough confidence to fly over frozen lochs (lakes) in the middle of a Scottish winter.

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I have also used the Samsung s5e a couple of times without issues, the screen could be a little brighter but I have a shade. I’m very impressed with the resolution, works great with the fly app and the DJI mini 2.