Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (2021)

Let’s discuss using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (2021) with DJI GO & DJI Fly. Share tips, the best device settings, accessories used with this device, and troubleshoot problems.

Hello. I want to buy this Samsung galaxy tab A 7 for my Mini 2.
It is possible with Dji Fly. :question:
What do you think about this with Dji Fly.
Thank"s for you answer.
Joe to France.

I do not know if you received and answer or not so, you might be getting it twice…

On the following web site Phantom Help, Best Tablets and Phones for DJI GO & DJI Fly (Updated Daily), scroll down to “Most Liked Tablets and Phones” and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 2021 is right at the top of the list…

Happy Droning and Fly Safe…

Any one knows if the samsung a 7 lite works with a dji fly app? is it good enough for the Air2 S

I picked up the the A7 Lite and was able to run the DJI Fly app along with my Mavic Air2s … However, I had a number of moments during the 4 test flights during which I had trouble with the signal and lost contact with the drone. These were flight routes I’ve taken many times before when using my iPhone XS and never had an issue.

Since I had trouble finding anything that mentioned if this tablet was 32 or 64bit, I decided to take a chance on it, since there were a number of approvals in this forums best tablet list that mentioned this model.

I did a kernel check and found out it is NOT a 64bit processor, which could very well explain the issues I had. I am going to try a few mire setting changes within the DJI Fly App and see if anything helps. If not then I will be returning it and probably just stick with my iPhone until I can pick up a refurbished iPad mini 5 or 6 instead

If someone has any advice about this I certainly would appreciate it.


@StoonHooper please upload your TXT flight log here and post a link back here so we can take a look at the flight data.

A couple of things, your Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is supposed to have a 64-bit processor… The DJI Fly App Installation wizard checks for a 64-bit processor and you say it ran so it must be…

Below is the Spec sheet for the A7 Lite…

And the processor, if it is as specified above, is full 64-bit with backward compatibility for 32-bit compatibility…

So, you can also check it by downloading the App, 64 Bit Checker at the Google Play Store.

Finally, with all the talk about the shortage of computer chips, there has been talk that some manufacturers have downgraded the chips they put in various devices rather than stop producing them… Just saying, I do not know how you can check what chips is running in your tablet, but there must be something. I know there are programs to check this on PCs…

Good info LoudThunder, thanks for passing this along.

You’re right about the devices being used in build-outs on a number of different electronics these days. On Samsung tablets checking the kernel description is where you can determine the chipset being used. If, within the kernel description, is the “x64” then you know that its a 64bit processor. On the linked spec sheet you’ll see there is no mention of it being 64bit. DJI is specific in calling out the need for 64bit in order to obtain optimal operation.

However, I don’t know if the absence of 64bit could have an impact on antenna operation(?). I have seen CPU overload messages on non 64 bit tablets (i.e.ipad Mini 4). Then again it’s entirely possible that there are 64 bit versions of the A7 Lite, it just didn’t indicate that I had one of them.

Although, if you check the specs on the MT8768T Helio P22T chipset (as indicated on the spec sheet you provided) , it does say that it “supports” 64 bit. So I then wondered why the kernel was not written for that.

Never-the-less, I returned the tablet to Costco today. You provided a lot of good info, I appreciate that. I am still working on my piloting and video skills to add anymore stress to my flights without wigging-out when I see my FLY app tell me it lost connection to my A2S !!

thanks much !!!

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First off, the Fly App is so sophisticated as a Flight Telemetry administrator, it absolutely requires a 64-bit processor and will not run on an emulator. The loader wizard checks for this and will not even load the software if it’s not a 64-bit processor, let alone actually run the software,

Next point, just because you have a device that meets the two requirements, 64-bit and Android 6 or better (I know nothing about Apple, iPhone, or iPad…), does not mean the Fly App will actually run or run properly… Some device manufacturers, in order to set their product off from the competition, tweak the Android to get extra capabilities, like sending Bluetooth to multiple devices, custom vibrations, variable Flash levels, etc… And some of this “stuff” either kills or crashes the Fly APP, so yu have to be careful…

I fly a Mini 2 and I use the DJI Fly App, and I usually always update with the latest version, now I’m running Ver. 1.6.9…

I use two different WiFi only tablets, one is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8" screen) 3 GB Ram/32 GB Storage and it works great, Good weight and good image. I also use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (10" screen) 4 GB Ram/64 GB Storage, heavy but a bigger image, especially when flying FPV.

By the way, I bought both at Costco with the Square Trade insurance. I used the insurance with the S2 and it was a miracle… when I bought the A8, I also bought the insurance, but now it’s marketed by Allstate, serviced by Square Trade… figure that?

The issue is that, both tablets are WiFi only and I cannot get new maps when out in the field. I have to open the DJI Fly App and scroll over the location to download the street and satellite maps from home. This is only needed if I land out of sight or crash and I need to use “Find my Drone” With satellite maps loaded, you can tell which tree your drone is in… Now, if your phone has Hot Spotting (tethering) then a WiFi only tab could get it maps using your phone data. My phone does not support tethering…

Good Luck!