Samsung Galaxy S8

I recently purchased a MPP. My old phone does not handle DJI GO 4 app very well and was thinking of getting a new phone, as my old one is on its last leg anyways. I have been looking at a Samsung Galaxy S8 but I see it is not on the recommended list by DJI, but the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is. Why is that? Will the S8 work just as well? I can’t see any difference in the two…Tia…

@ScottKei There are subtle differences between the S8 and S8+ but it’s not that much, other than the S8+ has a 6gig RAM option, whereas the S8 has only 4 gig. That said, the S8 should work, but like many Android devices, it takes a bit of “tweeking” to get them to run GO properly.

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Thanks for the reply.
I waited too long and they were sold out of the s8 so I ended up buying a s9

Scott, I have been using my Galaxy S8 since my first flight with my mavic P2 and it works very well for me.