Samsung Galaxy S22+

I am pretty new here, but I am curious if the compatible phone lists are truly updated daily/as new models come out etc.
Has anyone tried the Galaxy S22+ for GO 4? I see one has used it for the DJI Fly. But the phone has been out a year I believe and I am considering the S22. I am only looking since I have to buy a new phone I hadn’t planned on! I think it’s a shame to not make it clear you have to a phone.
Anyway, I have a DJI P4P+ also and I never got it to display maps since I bought it.

I would have to guess that our database is a member tested and updated database. I do not believe that there is any specific facility within the web site administration that goes out and buys new technology to test it.

You, me, and the rest of the members are the testers. I originally found out that my Galaxy Tab S2 was a compatible model from the experiences of previous members. When I bought my Galaxy Tab A8 and it worked, I reported this on the web site and the admin added that model to the database.

So, if DJI has not yet tested the S22+ with the GO 4 App, then asking around like this is the right thing to do for now… As for the S22+ and the Fly App, our database listed below says it works…

If you do buy it and it works or does not work, please post that information for the rest of us.