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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (2020)

Let’s discuss using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with DJI GO. Share tips, the best device settings, accessories used with this device, and troubleshoot problems.

I need a new phone any way, so I’m going to get this one and attempt to use it with the DJI Mini 2, which I haven’t purchased yet either.

Has anyone here used the NOTE20 Ultra with the DJI FLY APP ?

Alan, W4WMM

Haven’t tried this one myself, but I’ve seen a few people mention they are using it with DJI Fly.

I presume they aren’t having any issues? If they were, we would be hearing about it most likely.

I’m going to pick up this phone in a couple of weeks and then get the Mini 2 and do some testing of my own. :thinking: Hopefully no serious issues or ANY issues will arise. I guess DJI has to be picky about what they say “will work” since they might have to answer to a judge, NTSB and FAA in the event of an accident that caused damage and the drone pilot says “It did it on it’s own - it wasn’t me!”

I guess I’ll be stuck in drone ground school for a little while longer… :rofl:

Not that I’ve heard. People don’t commonly recommend a device when it doesn’t work well.

I think they are hesitant to recommend a device they haven’t personally tested. They rarely add new devices to their list of supported devices. That’s why I built my own list.

That all makes perfect sense.

Your phone & tablet list is what I found first and it attracted me to this group! Great Job by the way!!


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Well, I did it…

I got the Mini 2 for Christmas and then had to wait for my “Samsung Note 20 5g Ultra 512GB” to arrive. I think I got the last one in the warehouse as they are sold-out everywhere I look now…

The facts: Following the DJI directions, I connected everything, powered up, firmware updated, fly for over an hour (swapping batteries of course), Sun was going down so I brought it home. The “only” issue I had was the video on the phone appeared to get confused when I was dropping in altitude over the shingles on my roof. The video on the SD card was perfect but the video saved on the phone is not perfect in just that ONE spot. Something about the pattern of the roof shingles? Outside RF interference? Who knows…?

If that is the only problem I have, I will be 100% satisfied.

I didn’t fly far, max altitude 98’ AGL. I live close the airport so I have an altitude restriction but had no trouble getting a LAANCE clearance. Never flew more than 100’ distance from HOME. One day I’ll let her off the leash.

Really just wanted to say, the NOTE 20 5G ULTRA did not have any problems, save the one mentioned above.

Thanks for your help!!

I am using the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with my Mavic 2 Zoom and have had zero lag, no issues whatsoever…loving it. Tho i still want to upgrade to a bigger screen.

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One picture shows the correct look of the shingles while the other shows the temporary scrambling of the pixels. Both screens shots are from the same video, just seconds apart. No other issues observed. Total flight time 45 minutes so far.