S10 not compatible according to DJI - Nov2019

[sorry, I posted this question but realized I should put it here]
Frustrating. I’ve been using my original Mavic Pro with an S6 for over two years. Then, I JUST upgraded to the latest S10 (not an “e” or a “+”) and it won’t work. The remote will not connect.
So, I just called DJI technical support (Nov. 12, 2019) and they said the S10 is NOT currently compatible (only up to the S9). The guy said I could use my old S6 as a non-network-connected controller, but I see that other support groups list the S10 as working with the DJI GO app. Sorry if this question has been beaten to death (though I have looked around and only just registered with this group).
Is there an easy fix or work-around (other than doing some developer mode mod)?

Spoke with DJI and Verizon again and learned that:
a) I can continue to use my old S6
b) that even without a network service, the remote will work fine
c) I’ll still have satellite link-ups
d) I have also verified that without a network I have internet through wi-fi