RTK/GPS position added to photos when there is loss of RTK fix

Good day all,

We use a DJI Phantom4 RTK with VRSnow corrections for topographic surveys.

I have attached the drone to the bucket of a very tall excavator. This is because it is very hard to get an commercial flying authorization in this country.

We have done a success full survey last week: The drone was in RTK fix mode most off the time and we had a good result. When standing under near excavator there was no issue.

Today we see it that the P4-RTK gets an RTK error, 1 minute, after starting up and its requires a restart. We can only take 1-5 photos in RTK fix mode before it goes into RTK device error. It is not really workable.

Q1: : How come the RTK device gets into an error, which requires a restart? It is not loss of VRSnow because that is coming in ok. When checking in the RTK page we see that the RTK position is still on cm accuracy.

Q2: It seems that the accurate position of the RTK solution is not added to the pictures when not in RTK fix mode. Somehow the RTK position is not attached to the photos?

We tried to trick the P4-by “flying” with RTK mode not engaged. But this seems the same as taking photo when in RTK device error mode.

Any suggestions are welcome as we have done a success full survey and we should be able to repeat that.

Thanks in advance.