RTH to new Home point

If the a/c takes off from a remote location well above or below the Remote Controller (which is set as the Home Point), will it accurately set the RTH altitude relative to the Home Point? I.e., Are heights displayed on the remote controller relative to the RTH point? (I think so.)

GPS “altitudes” are not as accurate as their horizontal map coordinates, so I am skeptical of the accuracy of the RTH altitude in this case. I understand the a/c also may have a barometric altimeter, but little if any mention of this is made in your documentation.

GPS is only used to set the home point location (latitude and longitude).

The height is estimated using the aircraft’s barometer. It’s the height above the takeoff location.

So in the instance I mentioned, how does it does the altitude of the return to home point?

There is no altitude associated to the home point. The home point only tells the drone which latitude and longitude to fly to before descending to auto land. Once the drone reaches the home point location, it will keep descending until it finds the ground.