RTH My Mavic 2 Zoom Stops Mid Air

My last flight I hit return to home, everything going well, then I noticed it stopped mid flight. 260 feet in air
with nothing in its path in any direction. Drone was heading into sunset, I was just wondering if the sun had anything to do with this problem. I haven’t had a chance to fly since. Just looking for some pro advice. Or has anyone else had this happen?

Check out your TXT flight log to see if it explains what happened. You can upload and view it online here. If you’d like other people to review and comment on your flight log, then please post a link back here after you upload it.


Nothing here that is 100% definitive, but it certainly appears like the sensors were affected. The aircraft actually struggled for a few moments before auto land.

The sun was bright and the Mavic was heading back into the sun do you think the sun could affect the sensors. I’m not sure if that could cause the problem. Thanks Fly_Dawg. I definitely appreciate you looking into this for me.

If you notice in the graph above, the altitude was increasing ever so slightly during the start and stop increments. That is what it should do when an obstacle is detected, even if it was possibly the sun. That said, you also gave up throttle command during that period as well, so it is hard to say if the altitude climb was normal or not, but I suspect it was.

Thanks again for the info.

Yes, it could make the Mavic think an obstacle is ahead. Usually, an obstacle related message is found in the TXT flight log when that occurs. Your TXT flight log contains no such messages.

The DAT flight log on your mobile device might contain some messages to explain what happened around the time your Mavic was braking while returning home. If you’d like us to check out that log, these instructions explain how to find it. You can upload it to a file sharing site (like dropbox.com) and post a link back here if it’s too large to attach.

Thanks Mike, I flew the Mavic 2 zoom again today. I had no problem with return to home. I really do believe it was the sun. I’m just happy all was good today.

One other thing, a campfire and or the smoke from a campfire will throw off the sensors too. I had a close call once because of that !