RTH Function not working

My RTH is not working and I cannot figure out the issue. For background, until today the P4 has sat for a little over a year. Before taking it out this morning, I updated all of the firmware and re-calibrated everything. When I go to fly it, I click RTH and the AC ascends way past the RTH set altitude and to the MAX altitude and just hovers there and will not come home.

I originally had a gimbal guard on it and have since removed, the issue still persists. I have tried multiple times with varying both the RTH and MAX altitudes and the same issue is occurring.

Here is the flight log from one of the flights: https://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/8T2U5MAF34VK4BU6P1JY/

Any insight on this issues is much appreciated

We are working on it…

Right as the aircraft reached the RTH altitude (60 meters), it encountered an obstacle and was trying to overcome it. That likely caused it to continue to climb. Was it by chance facing the sun?

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