RTH function just makes it land

On my Mini when I’m flying and use the RTH button (on screen or controller) the drone doesn’t return home but simply initiates a landing in it’s present position. I’ve made sure the HOME position is updated on take off but nothing seems to make it return to home. Help?

I fly a mini 2 and my menus may be a bit different… Tap the THREE DOTS on your fly App Upper Right Screen to bring up the Menus, Tap the Safety Menu, Tap the Advanced Safety Settings, Tap the RTH Button…

Remember that RTH only works if the drone is at least 20-meters (60-feet) away…

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini, including the User Manual.

Hope this fixes it…

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It sounds like your drone was too close to the home point.

Here’s the relevant section from the Mavic Mini manual:

Thanks for the info. I’ve came to the same conclusion and I’m going to try it again tomorrow at a greater distance.

That sounds like a good plan! Let us know how things go.

That was it…too close to RTH properly. Thanks all.