Return home in 10 seconds

Hi everyone im sure this has been discussed before but… lol. I bought my first dji phantom 3 standard so im new to dji. Today i was flying it a few feet off of the ground and the battery was getting low and then it said "low battery returning home in 10 seconds. I thought no big deal im just a few feet off of the ground i will just land it here. I almost had it on the ground, i mean a few more inches and it would have been on the ground. Then it started to fly straight up and i had no control over it. Normally i wouldnt mind but i just happened to be under a tree. Needless to say it climbed hit branches and tumbled back to the ground. Caused a little damage, nothing i cant fix. Is there a way to overide that feature. Its a good feature and i want to keep it but i want to be able to overide it on the fly. Some situations it could even be dangerous. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Theirs a audible warning and i have on my P3SE set to 30% of the battery left you have that feature also…that gives me plenty of time to safely get it back and close to take off point…i get it back then stay close to the area and land it at 20% battery…some times a flight battery with weak cells can fail really fast causing your problem…You can also set the return to home altitude…years ago…i also had what you described happen to me…yes straight UP to 95 feet…moved 25 feet and straight down and landed at home recorded spot…It missed a oak tree on that flight by 5 feet…i had used a battery that was at 50% full and it near caused my drone to be damaged really bad…No more partially charged batteries again.