requesting analysis of flight log: drone was flying well, then dropped into the hudson river

Hi everyone, I would appreciate your help. after a few months of flying I lost my drone yesterday into the Hudson River.

My son had just completed a successful flight in the same area, took some photos of us with it hovering 10 feet away from us, then landed it and asked me if I wanted to fly it.

I took off and it was flying normally then as I was bringing it back toward me for a landing it suddenly dropped like a rock from the sky into the water.

Any help is appreciated either to learn a hard lesson or could it be an issue covered by warranty. I am still kind of in shock over losing the drone as it always flew so easily earlier. based on the video it seemed to tumble when it dropped.

Thank you!

The link you posted is broken.

Matt, That’s Terrible… I’m a new 2s owner and I worry about that happening… I think in the future I will start doing a thorough preflight… Maybe one of the motors quite working… Anyway, I don’t know a thing about log retrieval, just wanted to provide some solace… If the water wasn’t running fast or very deep, I would be in it trying to find it if I got a decent fix where it fell… Let us know how this turns out.