Remove the sep=; or sep=, tag in csv

I am testing the FlightReader for further use and analysis.
The csv export adds a seperator tag.
Is there way to not include this in the csv exports?


There is no way to do that in the current version of Flight Reader.

Do you need to be able to do that in Flight Reader or in the Flight Reader API?

Hi Mike,
Now I am working on the Flight Reader (windows version) to import the csv files in my system.
I have 2 customers who use your program for this.

I sent you an email last week about the API, no response yet.

So for now I need it in the Flight Reader, if the API is a solution for me that would be even better.

I replied on May 12th. I’ll resend that email just in case it was lost somewhere.

And by your system, are you referring to your personal system? Like we discussed last week, attempting to automate the processing of flight logs with Flight Reader for use in a commercial product is against the Flight Reader EULA.

I know, concerning the Flight Reader is for users that have bought it from you. I am just enabling for them to upload the csv exports.

I did not get/see that reply from the 12th. My apologies. I just saw new reply and I will get back on this today. Thanks.