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For the last 6 to 8 months I have been reading / researching the new UK Drone Laws trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Initially daunting and hard to get a grip of but the more I read / watched and dug around the easier it got to get sorted in my head.

In the end I ‘pulled the trigger’ on doing the A2 C of C course which is now completed and successfully passed.

The reason for the post is to remind all interested UK flyers not to bury their head in the sand, do nothing and get caught out. Those that haven’t acted yet should really think very seriously and take action.

The UK Police now have special units who deal with drone ‘issues’, they have been well trained and know their onions which means you need to be one step ahead and know the CAA Drone Laws covered in the (very thick) Publication CAP722. The Police will take action against offenders which includes fines and confiscations. Pleading ignorance will not help you.

For those that haven’t yet … get your Flyer ID’s and Operator ID’s sorted first and foremost. Mark up your drones accordingly. Then seriously consider doing the A2 C of C course as a matter of urgency. This course is extremely useful and offers you better flying capabilities in what you can fly, where you can fly and at what distance. Furthermore, as long as you are insured you can operate commercially (to a point) with this qualification, it last for 5 years. For bigger drones and more in depth commercial work you can do the GVC which in my opinion is a bit of overkill if you’re not in that business and you are just a ‘hobbyist’. Without either course your drone flying is very restrictive.

Give yourselves a fighting chance especially if you have multiple drones of varying sizes as I do. Besides which, although I have been flying for years … every day is a school day. You do learn lots !!

This is just a gentle reminder for those that think they can do what they want, when they want and how they want. Think seriously, take action, fly safe and be with-in the law.

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Hello there, where/how have you done your A2 C of C course? Thank you.

Regards, Filippo


Sorry for the delay.

Yes I did everything online then did my exam with an instructor here. You can also do you exam online also.

I approached a company called 3IC, paid £99 then cracked on. I did everything in two and a half hours but you can take as long as you wish from hours to months … it depends how quick you want to learn.

When you pass you get a certificate to say so which lasts 5 years.

Hope that helps.


Hello Stevie, thank you for answering, I will have a go soon…I got another question for you if don’t mind…I am moving house and the next one is not that far from a prison and I am trying to find out how far you got to be to fly a drone even if is a Mavic Mini but I am not sure! Thank you.
Regards, Filippo

Hi filippo

Prisons and the like are normally red areas and are No Fly Zones no matter what UAV you are using. DJI units will normally have these security areas GEOFENCED. Use one of the various APPs that will tell you where you can and can’t fly. You may find the DJI App won’t let you take off if you are so near the Prison.

I Fly every day in a class D restricted area (Police Helicopter and Air Ambulance Airfield is less than 500 metres away from my house), the App lets me take off and land once I have acknowledged the warning the App throws up.

Various Prisons have their own ‘ANTI DRONE SYSTEMS’ to prevent drugs and the like to being flown into the premises.

Do your homework and research before you fly anywhere near places like that. The Police are now hot on UAV Laws and know what they are talking about (unlike in the USA where they seem to make it up as they go along). UK fines are massive !!

I know the Mavic Mini is under 250g limit but this could change in the near future and become a legacy unit as it won’t be ‘officially certified’ as all new UAVs are now supposed to be. Do your A2 Cof C now and you will be covered for most eventualities.

Hope this helps

Article 16 join a flying club 15m take off distance 30m bubble not horizontal into space and 5m insurance for hobbyists it’s better in some ways that the A2 cofc all for £20 but can’t do any work with this at all.