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Red front LED

Problem: As soon video is switched on the red LED in front quit their job. Its angry by flying
in the dark. How to change?

You should have them off while in the dark. The reflections on the camera are the issue. This applies to Phantoms as well.

Is there an opportunity to change it - front led steady on?

Possibly…but personally I would not if you are shooting at night. Maybe @msinger can tell you.

The Spark auto turns the front lights off when shooting video. The setting to disable that functionality is not visible in DJI GO when flying the Spark. DJI decided to hide it for some reason.

I haven’t tried this, but post #19 in this thread indicates that setting can be accessed when running the DJI Assistant 2 version 1.1.2. See this thread for more details on how to access the hidden aircraft settings in the DJI Assistant 2 application.