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Recommended after market battery for Phantom 3?


I own a Phantom 3 Adv and would like to buy an additional battery.

I would like to buy original DJI batteries to avoid any problems with firmware, quality etc. but I live outside US (in Europe) and it seems hard to find any.

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy brand/supplier of after market batteries?

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Peter: I’m sure others will chip in with alternate brands but presume you have done the old eBay & Amazon search? Check out the seller profiles & feedback. If there are any issues they will be highlighted.
The other thing is to check out the commercial resellers(bricks & mortar) You’ll pay more but you get some form of coverage with the purchase.
Also, do you really need the extra battery? Consider how often you fly etc. Might save a few dollars.
Finally I guess you could complain loudly about not having sufficient batteries and but a MM or similar :sweat_smile:

Another thought would be to search for a used package deal that includes the aircraft and batteries. Buy the entire package, take what you want from the package and sell off the rest. Plenty of people out there looking for aircraft only at times. You may not get the total return on dollars that you would like, but you would be getting the hardware that you want.

Thank you for the suggestions, certainly worth considering!

I ended up buying an after market battery from a manufacturer called Jupio. Bought it from a very credible supplier here in Sweden after talking to their customer service and inquiring about the battery.

Perhaps a little bit of gambling from my side but I will start by flying very low and slow to make sure that everything works as it should. It is not a guarantee that the battery will never misbehave but things can happen all the time…

One thing that I’m wondering is how the after market manufacturer go about to design the batteries. Since the DJI batteries are so called “intelligent flight batteries” with built-in firmware, I reckon it’s more to it than just putting some LiPo cells together to get the right voltage and power. I guess that DJI has not released any API:s or similar. Do you guys think that the after market manufacturer do some reverse engineering?

Do not believe that DJI original batteries are that smart, smart only in that they have a switch … I fly daily with aftermarket batteries and never had any problems. Some say that ROHS batteries stand for quality but I never cared, if it is in the right price range it is good for me. Only very low prices mean ‘avoid’ !