Recommend gimballed carriage for cal

If 3d gimballed carriage holds craft to fixed point from screen, the cal can be computerized by servo motor control of pointing the held craft
More importantly, this willl eliminate human influence.
Some party already makes it?

I’ve never seen such a gimbal. And we’ll likely never see such a product since doing all of the calibrations by hand works just fine for most people.

Just that instruct demands craft not be translated orthogonally wrt screen, and instead fixed in space centered to screen, and aimed to target by holding at fixed point and angling craft. It is not precise handholding the craft while constantly retaining the fixed point from screen, and centered toward those centralized bigger dots. With desired gimballed carriage that continuous fixed point is guarenteed.

It seems to be precise enough to successfully perform the calibration. Lots of people are doing it via the handheld method daily.

Thats because nobody investigated outcome indifference obeying instruct warning “do not pan the craft seeking demanded target”
Suspicion is improved alignment is benefited, e.g., “just how horizontal is that neutral attitude say viewing the ocean’s horizon?”
Or, “just how tiny can obstruct detect invisibility warns” (highvoltage tension line, twigs of leaf bare forestry, chainedlinked fence, etc.).
Nobody knows just what “100% success” infers by legacy standard which introduces human panning yawing and whatever instruct says dont do it.

I would be interesting to know how DJI is doing that calibration in the factory. I’m guessing they are doing it by hand too since their drones are handbuilt.

Yup, once aligment jig built theyll exponentially increase thruput.
My issue is complying with cal instruct “dont pan to success target kill”
"Dont translate craft, just pitch (attitude) not roll (yaw) and left right rota permissible.
Its very likely the evolution would be cut into one eighth for succeed. Currently its collecting human error intentionally to weed out.