Reading/plotting .DAT files

I have uploaded the .DAT files from m y P3A but how does one read/plot them?

You could try CsvView/DatCon. Look here

Thanks for that but I’ve been trying that with no luck.
I gives me a file CsvView3.6.6.jar but that won’t open, just duplicates itself every time I try?

Just to update you - all sorted thanks to FlyDawg and BudWalker!

Just to expand my answer above. I’m using a Mac and to open the .jar I firstly had to install Java Script and then a small program JarLauncher to run the script that CsvView is written in. After that, no problems. Now learning how to understand the results such as this…aircraft spun out of control, analysed to be either the front left motor or ESC.

The Mavic 2 Pro .DAT reading does not seem to be compatible … some other way to read the .DAT of my M2P. Thanks.

Not that I am aware of. The current versions if I am not mistaken will not read MP2 Dat’s. @BudWalker can confirm for you.

Any way to read my .DAT files from my Mavic 2 Pro beyond Air Data …?. Thanks.

The .DAT on the M2P itself is encrypted and can not be read/processed. However, the .DAT produced by the Go App connected to a M2P is not encrypted and can be read.

Okay. Thanks for the info, BudWalker.
I understand then that with the existing .DATs in the flight logs of my tablet are parsable.


Thanks, BudWalker …