Rc2 - Air 3 connection lost


Yesterday, I did some tests with my Air3 / Rc2.
Takeoff : 2 meters - distance 2 meters.
Rc2 and Drone lost connection after changing video to pano mode, ± 30" after takeoff.
I restarted the RC2, 2 times, but it could not connect to the Air3.
I wanted to catch the drone by hand with thick gloves, but it lifted.
I wanted to move it with a top umbrella : Air3 did not move
I was waiting for a power loss, ready to catch it, but heard a Rc2 connection, and drone landed alone.

The place I use is safe, I did use it with a PV2+, a Mavic Air, An Air2, without such problem.

I replaced the battery, did some tests at same place / altitude without problems.
What might have happened ?

Using DJI Assistant2, I cannot use Flight Reader to read my logs.
Using DJI Flight Log Viewer : I cannot read my logs

Following Locating Your Flight Logs does not work with my Air 3, : I’m using an RC2, not an Rc Pro.

Here are my logs; can you read them ?
10_17 logs

Note : 1st time I try to use DJI logs !

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Saw your post over on mavicpilots.com. Take a look at
to see how to retrieve the log files.

The .DAT on the MA3 is encrypted so no use trying DJI Assistant 2 to retrieve the .DAT. I don’t know if the .DAT on the mobile device is encrypted. The .txt on the mobile device will be readable.

It’s unlikely that any of the log files can help with connection problems.