RC sound issue

Does anyone have a solution for audio issues with the DJI RC controller? Mine is a few weeks old and has stopped playing audio. The only sounds is the chirps it uses to indicate button presses. It seems there used to be music when booting, which no longer plays. If I go to the forum from the device, it plays all videos with no audio. I have verified volume is up and not muted. It has the latest firmware installed and have tried different micro sd cards/internal memory with no success. Not sure what to try next.

Please swipe down from the top of the screen and post a photo showing that menu (where the “Mute” button is located) so we can see your current settings.



Hopefully the picture shows up. Having some trouble getting it to show on this end, but it went through uploading and processing stages completely.
At any rate, you’ll see the “mute” icon is grayed out, as are all icons except wi-fi. Brightness slider is halfway up and volume completely white (up). Tapping the mute icon changes it to white and grays out the volume slider.

I cannot see your photo, but it sounds like you’re describing this:

If so, I think it would be worth contacting DJI support for help as the issue is likely either being caused by the firmware or it’s a hardware issue.