RC loses comms to mini 2

RC loses comms to my mini 2, which obviously means I can’t control it, so it goes to return to home (cos I guess thats what is setup to do when lost comms occurs). I found out after lots of trial and error flights, if I change in the RC->Transmission->Frequency and select 2.4GHz instead of default Dual-Band I get no lost comms. Has anyone else seen this?
RC firmware is 04.11.0200. I’m not sure, I think this behaviour may have started happening after upgrading to 04.11.0200 firmware, can’t be sure tho.

Also, I can upload some logs if that may help anyone to check em out eh. (I don’t know how to view the logs, I’ve heard they are encrypted)

Half year later, I got the same issue.
Have you solved it?