RC battery not charging.

My remote controller battery will only charge to one white indicator light and turn off instead of showing 4 white lights. Everytime I use the drone I get an alarm low charge RC battery.
Im guessing since this is an older drone that its time to get a new RC battery. Any thoughts and any tips for installing a new battery.
Thanks Reece.

DJI doesn’t sell a replacement, but you can replace it with a 6000mAh/44.40Wh battery (like this one).

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Thanks for video, really good. He talks about trying a RC hard reset first before replacing the battery. Any ideas how to do that ?

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In the description of that video, he wrote the following:

“Unplugging the battery and replugging it in seems to fix a lot of people’s issues where the remote won’t turn on”

That would involve taking your remote controller apart too.

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The 1st video is very good, the 2nd a waste of time. I wish I’d seen the first one before I replaced the battery (about $40 on Ali-Express) for my Phantom 3 Advanced remote control. It failed after 2+ years of no charging. Applying power directly to the battery terminals did not revive it enough for the remote charger to take over.

I was careless with the main ribbon connector that he shows at the 3:10 point in the first video. I damaged the connector so had to get a complete remote. I found one on eBay in the US, it was about US$100 and I’m in New Zealand. The NZ Post freight forwarding service in US would not ship it despite the battery size being within FAA rules. Fortunately a friend was traveling to the US and was able to bring it back.

The seller was honest and the remote worked perfectly as advertised. I now have a reminder on my computer calendar to recharge the remote and drone batteries.

Hi, back again. I’ve successfully replaced the battery but still have the same issue. It wont charge. I get one white light flashing along with a red and it will charge away for an hour or so but the app says 0%. Remote controller Low battery warning and its stays in alarm. I canstill fly the drone but the alarm is constantly on. Im guessing there should be 4 white lights when the remote is fully charged not just 1 flashing light. Any ideas. Im starting to think maybe the battery charger dosent work on the remote. It works on the drone battery just fine. It is an after market charger.
Cheers Reece

That’s correct. One light flashing normally indicates the remote controller battery is nearly depleted.

Which charger are you using?

Hi see the photo of a new charger. It works fine with the drone battery.
Is there some sort of reset that needs doing. As i wrote on previous post that i cant get rid of the low RC battery alarm and it wont charge past one white light even though i have installed a new RC battery. It seems like the RC battery wasnt the problem.
Cheers Reece

That makes sense since it doesn’t seem your remote controller is charging.

That Yx charger (assuming it’s not faulty) can definitely charge a Phantom 3 remote controller. Yx has been arguably manufacturing the best aftermarket DJI battery chargers for some years now.

Either the battery charger or the remote controller is not functioning properly. Considering the number of cases I’ve seen like yours (for example), I’m thinking the remote controller is likely the problem.

Are you able to try another battery charger to rule out your battery charger as the issue?

Hi , no unfortunately i dont know anyone with one but like you said its unlikely and the charger is brand new. So its likely to be an issue with the RC. Any ideas ?

Some other ideas:

Okay thanks Mike ill give them a try and let you know
Cheers Reece

Hi Mike, re-flowing the IC worked . The RC battery is charging up as it should. Awesome.
Cheers Reece :+1:

Good to hear you were able to resolve the issue. Thanks for sharing your fix!