Rash of Crashes

I know this forum is kinda new.

Just seems there are large amounts of crashes, missing drones, lost drones etc

Unusually high IMHO

Is this related to a specific drone I wonder. Or perhaps (forgive me for being up front) but people who aren’t experienced/don’t know what they are doing.

I have read about people having the above issues and flying miles away or way above 400’

Maybe its me being 107 certified or just overall cautious, but i just stay within my means when I fly

Not trying to pick on anyone so please don’t be offended. Just raising awareness since I have noticed many posts here related to this.

Unusually high? No…these incidents have not, quite honestly, increased nor decreased to any great extent over the past 3-4 years IMO. There is no specific aircraft involved. Normally it is across the board. Although I will grant you that there have been, again IMO, more incidents involving P4’s of all models. This may have to do with the popularity, and increase in numbers overall. From what I have seen it is a fairly even mixture of Pilot error vs hardware failure of some sort. It is and has been basically the same on the other forums as well. Some duplicated here.

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Well, this is a drone help forum :wink:

Other than the normal discussion type threads seen on forums, crashes and lost drones definitely top the list for people I see looking for help (on any drone forum).

Have to remember, this is an especially good help forum and people generally only ask for help when there is a problem. Quite honestly, based on conversations with most people I know who fly DJIs, if everybody wrote in that had a great flight and no problems we wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic.



I was not trying to knock the forum or people. If it came out that way I apologize.

I was just pointing out what I perceived as an increase in messages relating to crash, lost drones etc.

I’m sure some are pilot error, but for equipment errors, maybe a new fw update or something causing it.

Just raising awareness that’s all.