Range on air 3

Just like to understand why I can’t eaven get one km from any drone how do other people get 10 or 20 km away from the drone

What distance are you getting?
Why did you state any drone?

Rod …

I own a Dji air 3 and mini pro 4… I have try many locations on ± 900 mt I will loose connection on bothe… This is with no optically between me and the drone

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Well first and foremost, have you inadvertently restricted the range in the SAFETY Menu, Flight Restrictions, Max Distance… (the same main menu that you set the Return to Home Altitude…).

Then there is the issue of batteries and their condition, both the batteries for the drone and controller…
Then there is Geo Fencing, some folk do not know how to read the error messages and do not know they hit a “wall…”

Then there is the weather to consider and how it affects flight conditions and GPS signal (cloud cover…).
And then there is your actual location, you might be in a location with heavy RF signals, TV, Radio, Radar, Satellite Receiver site, etc…

However, my final observation is that you are probably violating your countries UVA flight rules by flying your drone beyond your Line of Sight… (FAA in the USA, CAA in the UK, TC in Canada, CASA in Australia, etc… or where ever “Waldo” is…).

Check that Max Range Setting and altitude… I use when I let the kids play with my drones and it makes the drone react like it is inside a glass bowl, it cannot fly too high or too far when used like I do… 50’ high and max range 200’…

Oh, out of curiosity, what does the drone do when it hit that range, return to home or hover? Also check the SAFETY Menu, Advanced Safety Setting, is it set to RTH, Descend, or Hover?

Try it, You’ll like it


Dear loud thunder
Thanks for getting back to me. The problem is definitely not withe the battery or setting on the controller the drone battery is always full charge as well as controler in the settings it is selected for max distance
When I try this on veriouce location I always make sure to be on a bit of higer ground so there is no opsticals. Trees. Rock. Mountain. Or buildings my flight level is never more than 5 mt above take off… Satellite is always enough like 16 or more the Rc signal just get red on about 900 mt from me and then say signal lost… The Rc controler go black and I can’t see the drone after a minute or to the Rc will conect when the drone is on its way back to the home point… This is not tested in a city with hige building but we’ll over house or farms
I stay in south africa but also took the drone with me to indunisia and tested this on 2 x island over the see in about 900 mt the Rc control signals go red and then totally lost the signal
When I do the same test with opsticals like trees between me and the drone I will loose Rc connection withe in 500 Mt or les. I have baught 3 Dji drone and have also swap out the Rc controler Rc 2… I don’t believe that this drone can ever fly more than 1km distance away from the Rc 2 controler

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Some other things to try:

  • Install the latest available firmware on the drone and remote controller

  • Remove all electronic devices from your body and/or near the remote controller to rule out possible interference from those

  • Make sure the remote controller antennas are always pointed toward the aircraft like this:



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All three drones have been updated to the latest software 2 days ago… I have also follow the antennas position corect like it’s been subscribe… The range is not more than 1 km… I have a friend wite air 3 and avata and he get the same results

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Have you tried contacting DJI support for help yet? If not, that sounds like the next logical step here since it seems you’re following all of DJI’s recommendations.


I have not connected Dji directly yet… Not sure how I was hoping to find awnser on here… Or other air 3 and mini pro 4 and avata owners that can confirm this or having the same issues… Thank s for everyone reply

You’re getting about 1/10 of the advertised distance in locations that have no nearby interference (from your description). That seems highly unusual and not something I’ve heard of yet.

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If there is a way for me to post I will do a screen recording and Mabe post this on you tube like I said I was hoping to find awnser here as well as other Dji owner that are experience the same issues. When I was asking my Dji reseller on this side what could be the problem they told me that south africa don’t have as many satellite as the US… But I can’t see that more satellites can give u a better range between Rc controler and drone… Mabe I am wrong and was hoping to here this on here… Wish I could here other Dji owners telling me what they get??

Right – that definitively wouldn’t negatively affect the range.

It’s an interesting question, but would most people be able to answer that? Flying BVLOS is illegal almost everywhere. I don’t know that most people can see a drone at even 1 km away.

If you’d like to try creating such a poll, then maybe try a more active forum like the official DJI forum.

South Africa has no Global Positing Satellites, only the USA, Russia, China, European Union and to a minor extend India and Japan… However, it does not matter where you are in the world, there are approximately 150 satellites orbiting the planet, covering everywhere, including the poles…

Your Air 3 can receive signals from the GPS-31 satellites (USA), Galileo-24 satellites (European Union), and BeiDou-46 satellites (China). So, at this moment, there 101 satellites flying high over the Earth… And the only RF transmitters, steel structures, heavy clouds and such can weaken the signals so that you might not get t good lock.

But that is not your issue, it is the signal loss between the drone and the controller…

So, assuming it’s not you or your vehicle, your associates, etc… causing interference, I would get in contact with DJI Support…

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Thank you for this good explanation… You explain this very well… What I understand don’t matter where you are I sould get the same satellite reception bacicly any where… So if there are no lots of Rf frequency or steel interveriance I sould be able to get a descent range of reception between drone and Rc… What would you suggest a resnble range sould be?

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If there are no structures or other impediments (Structures, Bridges, Buildings, Trees, Towers, etc…), you should get many miles/kilometers of range in both control and video.

Whether you are on the plains of the Serengeti, the South Pole, or in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you should get about the same number of satellites… Although there are over 150 satellites over the Earth, most are on the backside of the Earth, out of range, so 15 or more is great and probably 10 is about minimum for safe flight…

If you review YouTube Videos on “Range checks for the DJI Air 3” you will see some folks easily getting over 10-miles of range. One person claimed 12-miles, but they had to go retrieve the drone as the battery ran out before it could get back…

Once again, I am not telling you this so you can fly all over, out of sight, with little control… as most countries require that the pilot maintain line of sight (with their eyeballs…) of the drone

So again, I would suggest you contact DJI Support…

Good Luck!

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Have read all the above covering software issues. Could it be no registered DJI Account? This usually kicks in at about 50 mts. This account is used for NFZ and location

Morning peter
How will I know if my account is restricted is there any way to see this?

I would check No Fly Zone of your nearest airport. If you cannot see it DJI could limit flying

I don’t think something like that would cause the connection to be lost. Typically, the flying app will display some time of “you’ve reached the maximum distance” message.

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Hi just want to give u some feedback this week I have drove to a very remote location out of the city. There were no electrical line in sight and no cellphone towers only bushes and I was on a bit of higher land with all battery been fully charge air 3 and Rc 2 remote and distance settings set to max I took off 3 Mt hige and then went straight full speed on 2300mt distance the Rcn2 lost the signal between the air 3 drone and return home after a while… Then I have done the same test withe mini 4 pro and after 1600 Mt frome home pont the Rc 2 lost signal between drone and Rc… I am now convinced that I can’t eaven get 10% of distance between Rc control and drone I can’t see why Dji claim this could conete up a till 20 000 mt