Range Extender for Phantom 3 Standard

Looking for advice on what product to use to extend the range of my P3s? Have been looking at the GetFPV site but contact page does not seem to work?

Check into this. https://www.maxxuav.com/products/itelite-dji-range-booster-ite-dbs02

Thank you eschroeder, this looks interesting, have you tried it?

Not yet, but am planning on buying it soon. I have a different config that I purchased a year ago that just didn’t cut it. 3 antena system.

The antenna linked above is for a DJI P3 lightbridge system. You want one for the DJI wifi system.

Also, you might want to email or contact Jake before you order. Last time I ordered, it took 22 days to get my product, and he didn’t respond to my inquiries until the 16th day. He never gave me an explanation. So you might take a look on Amazon.

Good luck.

Thanks for advice Mark, will look into it.

A newer style ITELITE antenna is available here on Amazon:


Great information, thank you.

I have 2 controllers for my P3S. On one I have installed the Blueproton Argtek and on the other a 4Hawks Raptor. Both excellent, I installed them not for range but to ensure better connection whilst flying VLOS. I recommend both. Hope this helps.

The BlueProton is available on Amazon too. I’ve seen many people recommend that one as well.


Which of those two do you like best?

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Now there’s a difficult question to answer @msinger. OK, I like the raptor because it’s only one piece to remove when packing away after the fight. However, the Blueproton Argtek I think is my preference due to the various set ups you can do with varying / using the 6 different antennas.

Anyone wishing to purchase the Argtek I suggest the Genuine Blueproton NOT the cheaper copies.

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That is great news, I have just ordered the one you recommend, the ARGtek one.
I will be looking forward to it arriving.
Thanks to all for th good advice.

Enjoy it. There’s plenty of videos on the internet showing you how to fit. Ultimately, take your time, measure twice and cut once. If you are unsure then ask. Only fit this mod yourself if you are handy with tools, you have a good tool selection and you go at it gently. Good luck :+1: