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Range Extender For Mavic Air

Hi All,

Has anyone experimented/installed a range extender to use with their Mavic Air? If so, what were the results? Did you feel it was worth it?

Doing a quick google search I found these three:

Maxx UAV (
Titan Drones (

Any thoughts?

Also I apologize in advance if this is not the correct place to post this type of question.

I have actually done both the air and the mp. I used the 4hawks sr. Installed them both myself. The mp seems to have produced the most improvement. Because the environment that you fly in is such a large influence, you may get different results. The portability of the rc also becomes a part of the decision. I modified the swing bracket on the sr unit to allow it to fold more than what comes out of the box. After all was said and done, I have stock and modified for both units. I am looking at the maxx UAV unit also,but have not found a used one to purchase. I’m to cheap to send an rc in to let them install and they won’t sell me one to install myself.

Thats really odd - I am not sure what happened to my links above there.

I meant to post these 3:

and because I can only post 2 links in one post here is the third one:


Raptor XR

“Bang for buck” - I have the Surfrider for my P3 4K / and ADV and one for my spark… both increased range significantly… caveat… with any of these make sure antennas are pointed at AC… they become VERY directional…

$19 great value…

At “AC”? Do you mean at the drone?

What $19 fee are you talking about?

Surfriders generally go for bout $19… yes AC= aircraft. Sorry I was so cryptic

Ofcourse now flying my P4P’s and Mavic Air’s and now that I am P107 - I don’t want to invoke the wrath of the gods, and try to keep it in VLOS… so extenders don’t come into play…

Wow down to 7 bucks… but remember they make the signal VERY directional… so if you are not lined up with it pretty durn closely it may appear worse than not using them at all… think of it as pointing a flashlight at your bird…

Hope this helps brah…


I’ve had those and did not like how they fit. Found these that have a silicone bushing that really helps.


I purchased the range extenders for my Air and I didn’t see any improvement. I let my buddy try them on his Spark and he said the same thing. Definitely not worth the purchase.


Which one?

IRUIS DJI Mavic Pro Mavic Air Spark Signal Booster Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro / Mavic Air / Spark Controller Signal Booster Range Extender Foldable Parabolic Antenna Extender


On Amazon for $6.99. sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Been leaning on getting the Raptors SR as well. Was gonna go for the XR but i think SR should be just fine. Only issue i have is, i love flying urban/suburban areas which is why i get a lot of signal issues flying my Air. Probably shouldve bought an MP instead or waited for the MP2 lol. But anyway, still interested in getting any of these. Currently using a parabolic extender and its working out a little alright. Then again, i fly a lot in urban/suburban areas. No time to head out to the beach or mountains due to the storm and work =\