Quick Shots / Lightcut

Good morning everyone. I’ve had my drone now for over a month & I still cannot use quick shots on the dpi fly app or the lightcut app on my iPhone. I always get then same window advising me that the device (Drone) is already connected to another device. I’ve watched YouTube videos to no avail. I’ve switched off the device, deleted the lightcut app & dji fly app & reinstalled them again to no avail. Any help on sorting out this issue would be gratefully appreciated, thanks.

I am no expert here, but is your phone pairing up with earbuds, a computer, other Bluetooth device, etc… Post Bluetooth 5.0 allows pairing with more than one device, but the App only looks at the first pair…

Open up the Bluetooth and Un-Pair every device, restart the phone and then try pairing with the drone (ensuring the drone is in pairing mode…)

Hope this helps

Good evening. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help either. Regards.


Then I would recommend you go to YouTube and see if there are any videos that might help. Here are two that I found…

Hi good evening & thanks for your help / support, much appreciated. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work either :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: I don’t know what else to do. I’ve contacted DJI but they’ve still not answered either. Regards.

Try the DJI Forum directly…