Questions about control device

I just purchased the Samsung note 10 plus which is a bit bigger than the previous note. I am about to purchase the Mavic Air and wanted to be sure my Cell phone would work, (Fit) in the holder.

Also under the phones/tablets the Note 10 plus was not listed though the note 9 was. (Just a bit smaller)
Also I use a Microsoft Surface pro 5 Tablet it is not listed. It runs windows 10

Will these two devices be compatible with the Mavic Air?



DJI GO 4 is not available for the Surface however you can download drone footage from the micro as card and onboard Magic Air storage. Once downloaded you can easily view the footage and manipulate it using a wide variety of applications available for Windows 10.

As far as your new note fitting in the remote, I highly recommend the following product:

KUUQA Aluminum-Alloy Foldableā€¦

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