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My question is can I disconnect/block my mini 4 pro from my router (starlink) now that I have completed the registration update process? My intent is to move all my raw video from my SD card to my pc and do my editing in Davinci Resolve. I do not intend to use the app. I’m concerned about security. Also, I’d appreciate any tips related to security with my DJI device.

You can directly transfer all the data from the MicroSD Card while it is still in the drone… Turn on your computer, turn on your drone, plug a cable from your drone into your computer and the computer will treat the drone just link any other remote device like a thumb drive, etc…

You need to turn the drone on first, if you plug the drone in before it is turned on, the drone goes into Charge Mode and the computer cannot access it.

And there is nothing being remitted over the airwaves; but consider this, your computer is connected directly by cable or by Wi-Fi to your router. Worse case, turn off the router while you are transferring the data…

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Thank you for the reply, LoudThunder. I have an SD card reader mounted on the top of my pc case (right next to my desk chair), so it is super simple to pop out the SD card from the mini 4 and pop it into the card reader. I do the same with my insta360 and gopro.

I’m still concerned about the mini 4 having my router password to gain access to it. I did not have to do this with either my 360, nor my gopro. I was surprised when the mini required me to enter my router PW into the unit.

I’m still wondering if there are critical functions to the use of the mini 4 that require access to the internet through my router. The only one I can find is maps, and I really don’t need maps. All my drone use will involve the drone being within LOS. The “H” (home) overlay is awesome and more than enough for my needs.

Thanks again for the reply.

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I am guessing that you are using the smart controller and had to log into your Wi-Fi to log onto your DJI account to activate you drone.

If you do not care about updating the drone or the controller app, you need to change the password on your router. Then re-log onto all your other devices at home that use the router, computers, phones, tablets, televisions, streaming devices, thermostats, refrigerators, etc… with the new password. You can Google the how-to or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The new password probably over writes the current password, but it might keep a list of all past password, but I do not think so…

Or you can get a WiFi Bridge and plug it directly into your router, the bridge does not need the routers password since it is plugged directly into the rounder. Then log your controller onto the bridge with its password and that will overwrite your router’s password. If you do this, enter a new SSID of “FBI-Surveillance-Van” or other similar name. It will drive some of your neighbors crazy thinking the FBI or other law enforcement agency is investigating one of your neighbors…

My neighbor is a US Marshall and I changed my SSID to US_Marshall_Team and it drove him crazy, I could see hin with his phone looking at available networks and trying to log onto it and I heard him on his back deck calling his office trying to find out and he became very suspicious when they told him “there was no team there…”

As a stop gap measure, you can also log onto Open Wi-Fi at coffee shops, libraries, fast food joints to update the controller and drone. Just don’t make a big deal about opening up the drone etc… But that does not resolve the fact that the password is still in the controller and if you are concerned that it will get hacked or that DJI might somehow have access to that info, well you have to go back to changing the router password…

However, I would always recommend you download the maps of where you are going to fly. If the drone goes down and it’s stuck in a tree, the map will probably show exactly which tree your bird is in… Also, test your Return to Home, know how it works and how to use it, also try landing your drone a ways away from you and test, Find My Drone…

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini 4 Pro, including the User Manual.

After you read the Manual, read it again, you will be surprised what you missed the first time and you will be better prepared for that first “scary moment…”

Good Luck!