Question about Flight Log's Parameter Definition

I have multiple flight logs csv created from the “DJI Flight Log Viewer” created using the Phantom website. I’ve used the “RTH button” on my RC to bring back my Mavic 2 on all my missions.


  1. Why is the “RC.goHomeDepressed” parameter always returning false, even if I pressed the RTH button on my controller to bring it back?

  2. Why is the “OSD.goHomeStatus: Always Empty” parameter almost always returning an empty cell, when I pressed the RTH button? (In a single mission out of 10 other missions, this parameter returned various RTH Status updates, such as Cruise and Pre-ascending)

  3. For the “OSD.flightAction” what is the difference between the “Go Home (App Auto)” vs. “OSD.flightAction → Go Home (RC One Key)” vs. " OSD.flightAction → Go Home (Smart Power)"?


That field was likely was not populated in your flight log by whichever application created the TXT file.

Same as above.

Go Home (RC One Key) = RTH triggered by pressing the RTH button on the remote controller
Go Home (Smart Power) = RTH auto trigger by a low battery
Go Home (App Auto) = RTH triggered by activating it from the app (I think)

These statuses are extracted from the flight log. Unfortunately, DJI does not provide documentation to explain what they mean. It sometimes requires some test flights to figure out what causes each status to be displayed.