Put a label on your Drone...

I just do not get it; putting a Label on Your Drone is not as embarrassing as having your mother put a label on your underwear when you went to camp…

Why, oh why would folks who spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a Drone, not put their contact information on it. You know, at least Your Phone Number…

I acquired really nice, high quality stickers for FREE with my information on them, FAA Registration Number, and Phone Number, from the “Pilot Institute”, their YouTube Video is:

and their Web Site to order is:

I can imagine so many reasons why someone wants to remain anonymous, all of them nefarious…

However, for all the good folks who respect the law and are responsible Drone Flyers, why don’t you take the time to put a label on your Drone?

Happy Droning and Fly Safe…


Drone Label


Totally agree.

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Initially was using my label maker for my Air 2, then I got the labels from Pilot Institute for my Air2S. Definitely recommend whatever works for you on labels, I do like the Pilot Institute’s!

But wanted to add, also leave your contact info as a text file on the microSD card even if you don’t label your drone. I’ve seen numerous recovery videos where a lost drone with no labels was returned to the owner via the rescuer looking at the files and found some type of contact info!


Excellent advice! I’d never even thought of the SD card thing! Thank you!

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What device did you use to create the Text File? I typed up one on my computer (Win 10) and tried to save it to the MicroSD Card (using several different adapters) and everyone displaced a “Write Protect Error.” The adapters were not set to “Locked” and I even changed them around and still none would let me write to the MicroSD Card.

Enquiring Minds Want to Know… How did you do it?

A good idea, Adding a cell # and return label may aid in recover of a run away unit…

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