Problems with latest Go 4 software

I need help with my “new” Mavic Pro. I have a Galaxy S4 phone and a Galaxy S8.4 tablet and none of them works with neither the Go 4 version 4.21 or the 4.16. I am comtemplating spending another $200.00 on an I pad Mini. Wich one works with the newest Go 4 version, the 16gb or the 32gb?

If you haven’t already done so, try setting up those Android devices using these tips.

All but the iPad Mini 1 are compatible with DJI GO 4. I have both a 16GB iPad Mini 2 and an iPad Mini 4. They offer plenty of space to use DJI GO and the other couple of apps I have installed. You really won’t need more than 16GB unless you’re going to be running other apps that require lots of storage space.

Thanks for your replay. I will re-set the Tablet back to Go 4.16 once more and if it doesnot work, will lock at the I pad 2 with 16gb.

In addition to rolling back to an older version of DJI GO, there are a bunch of other DJI GO and mobile device settings to try in the article I linked above.

I have set up my Galaxy S8 to bare bones and the craft to the recommended minimun and I have spent some time updating the controller and craft with Assistant 2.

On updating the controller and the craft, can someone help in determining the versions that will work with DJI Go4 v. 16. My DJI Assistant 2 says: v. 01.04.0400, 01,03.0400, 01.02.0400 and 01.01.0400. Is that correct?

You can use any version of DJI GO 4 with any firmware. It would be best to use the newest version that’s able to run well on you mobile device.

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Thanks to all the fellow members for their sugestions and expanatios. With your help I have solved my Mavic pro problems with the software. I purchsed an I-Pad Mini-2 and viola!

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