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Problems with DJI Care

I bought my DJI Mini 2 in April 2021, however I did not sign up for DJI Care at the time of purchase.

I realise now that it would be a good idea to have, in case anything went wrong with the drone.

I have been trying to record a video on my Samsung Galaxy A 71, in order to send to DJI to then try to register for DJI Care.
The trouble is whilst starting the recoring on the phone, as soon as I tap on the “About” menu, it stops the screen recording so I am unable to send the relevent deatils to DJI.

has anyone else experienced the same problem with the Galaxy A71, and is there a fix?

Hi – not really sure what you’re doing, but I do have a couple Apps on my phone and tablet which I use to capture information which I want to look at later.

One is just a screenshot App –

“Screenshot Quick Free” (paid version as well)

The other allows me to create a video or screenshot of what is going on –

“AZ Screen Recorder - Video Recorder, Livestream”

I do use the apps for other screen recording/capturing as well. As in all cases, there might be better ones out there, if so, always interested.

Hope that helps……Tom

Thanks for the reply Tom, it was actually me not understanding the workingd of my Galaxy A71!! I did sort it out and managed to get the required video to senf to DJI so that I could buy the DJI Care package which I forgot to get when I bought the drone in April!

The A 71 is very good at capturing a screen shot , and I am glad i now know what to do!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: