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Problem with Orientation Indicator

As I was out enjoying flying my new Mavic Air 2 my Obstacle Avoidance stopped working and I tried everything to get it to work and finally uninstalled and reinstalled the DJI Fly app. That worked, the obstacle avoidance is working as it should again. But a new problem arose. Now the Orientation Indicator at the bottom center of the screen is exactly reversed. When I am looking (and pointing the controller) towards the drone the arrow that is supposed to show me which direction the drone is pointing is out of view below the small circle in the middle. If I turn away from the drone so that the controller is aimed in the opposite direction and the drone is directly behind me the arrow is in the top center of the arch pointed towards, or whichever angle it is, to my controller. Even though the app did not say that the drone compass needed to be calibrated I went ahead and calibrated it but it did not solve the problem. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me on fixing this problem. It worked quite well prior to the reinstall. Although the pointer was off kilter just a few degrees. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 smart phone with my controller.



About the aircraft orientation indicator ; needs 2 signals.

  1. arrow direction is getting its info from the drone compass
  2. postion of the arrow on the 180 degrees scale gets its info from the mobile device compass

I had to turn my device 180 degrees different in the RC clamps than before, this while ago after updating the app and firmware.

So no need to calibrate the drone compass as long as the arrow is pointing to the correct heading, if the position on the scale is not correct ; calibrate device compass.

PS even with a wrong compass device (as long as the arrow is in the forward part) ; when direction the arrow towards the center drone is always flying to the HP.



Thank you so much for your reply. I’m going to test that out, maybe later today or tomorrow and see if that works. It sounds logical and I have high hopes. I’ll let you know either way. Thanks again!

Thanks again for your reply. I took it out yesterday and tried it with the devices turned the opposite direction and it worked on one of them. The other one is a low price tablet that doesn’t have a magnetic sensor in it, so I’ll just have to rely on other methods, such as the map, if I use that one. You’ve been a great help.