Problem with my DJI Mavic Air

Hello! I have problem with my DJI Mavic Air. Everything has worked well untill a few days ago. Suddenly i cant control my drone. I can start it and it goes up for a meter been then its out of control and I cant navigate it flyes to the left and right and I have to land. I havent conecct the drone to its wifi, can that be the problem? Sometime I get weak GPS signal? Sometimes I have problem to set the homepoint? I have the latest ap for DJI and have tried it with 2 different phones bur norhing works. This is so enoying, someone who can ge me a tip of what can be wrong? I couldent see anything wrong in my log file, but im no expert / Regards Henrik

Did you crash, drop your drone, damage the props, or do anything else that could have potentially caused this problem?

This is going to be a tough location to try to troubleshoot this issue. Can you go to a different location that’s in a wide open location (not surrounded by tall buildings) and take a longer flight? Ideally, pick a location where there is enough room for your Mavic air to fly out of control for a bit so you’re able to log some more data. And then come back here and attach your new flight log.