Problem with batteries with same serial number

I use generic P3 batteries for my Phantom 3 Standard because I can’t find new DJI ones at a reasonable cost now. The ones that I have had good luck with are the PowerExtra brand and have been using them for years but most of their batteries seem to be clones (ie., they have the same serial numbers). I just purchased a new one to replace ones that I retired, but Flight Reader thinks the new one is the same as the old ones because the serial number is the same even if I change the battery name. Is there a way to override the serial number so that I can separate the old PowerExtra batteries from the new one in my battery reports?



That makes sense since Flight Reader groups batteries by serial number.

Changing the battery name should update the name for all batteries that match that serial number. Assuming that’s working as expected, attempting to group batteries by name would produce the same result.

Thanks for your reply.

So you cannot change a battery name and have Flight Reader ignore the serial number so that the battery can be grouped by the new battery name?

Flight Reader currently associates a custom battery name to a battery serial number. That way, you don’t have to manually set the battery name every time you process a new flight log. Whenever Flight Reader sees the same battery serial number again, it automatically associates the custom battery name.

Thanks for your reply. It only happens with my PoweExtra batteries for my P3 as it is the only drone that I use generic batteries for. I’ll just have to live with it. All my other PowerExtra batteries have been retired so it’s just that one going forward.