Problem Playing MP4 videos

I have an Air 2S. When I record videos, they play just fine on my laptop but, when I try to plug them into my Roku TV it says the codec that was used to record the files isn’t supported.
When I burn a DVD with the MP4 file, it is completely unplayable.
I would sure like to watch these videos on a large TV screen if possible.
What am I doing wrong?

Aha, I figured the problem out on my own. The codec (mode) depends on your resolution/frames per second options that you chose to record your video.
I was probably using H.265 which Roku didn’t understand.
When I switched to 1080/60fps, it recored in H.264/H.265 and Roku is now happy to play my video.

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Thank you for the follow-up. So often, a member will ask for help and if they figure it out or they are offered advice by other members, we do not hear back if the problem was solved or the member just gave up…

Perhaps your solution will help others who search the same issues.

Happy Flying…

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