Precise Fly Safe Database

Every time Iopen the DJI go 4 app I get a message saying I need to update the Precise Fly Safe Database. I have tried but it fails every time. I’ve tried getting to it through settings. Sometimes it says it is downloading but then says installing and nothing happens. It’s driving me crazy. Can anyone save my sanity.

Did you try updating it through the DJI Assistant 2 application? That usually works for me when it fails to update in DJI GO.

If needed, you can download the DJI Assistant 2 installer from the Spark downloads page.

Thanks so much. I see there are two versions…do I just download the latest one. I see they have ZIP or EXE next to them. Sorry to sound stupid but which do I need to chose.

The ZIP is just the EXE file compressed into a ZIP file. Both of those installers are the same.

Thanks so much for your help. I’ll give it a go!