Power on my drone

Hi ! I just bought a Phantom 3 standard for a very cheap price. The battery was missing. The seller told me that the drone is working. My question is : before investing for buying a new battery that are quite expensive can i just power the drone with a 15.2V power supply to see if it works and then buy a battery ?

There is 2 flat plates for the 15.2V i guess and 4 little spring mount pins. Do i only have to power the main connector or do i have something to bypass or do anything else with those 4 pins ?

The rc controller seem to work fine with a steady green light after charging it.

Thank you !

I would recommend that you try calling local RC flying clubs, try contacting local community colleges who might be offering drone classes (part 107, etc…), look on Craigslist for ads of folks who take drone photos , one might show your drone and offer you a free check. Look for businesses that repair drones, they might have a battery and will check your drone for a small charge. But I would not try to guess the polarity of the connections and the voltage per post…