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Post of shame: Lost mini

Hi folks, making this post out of shame. i’m a first time drone buyer that took my mini on my vacation to get some shots. Flew it for a little over a 100 m out and suddenly got a high wind warning and then my rc totally lost connection before I could lower the altitude and I just have no idea where my little mini went. I had my rth altitude set quite high coz there were buildings nearby but it did not return

used Find my Drone functionality on the DJI fly app to track down the last known co-ordinate and investigated the last bits of video recorded and either it is on the roof of a hotel or it flew beyond that and I just have no idea what happened to it. I researched a ton and I think my best bet is to post the logs here and contact DJI afterwards to see what my options are. Very frustrated to lose it after literally only a few test flights but I guess I have to invest in a GPS tracker or something for my next mini

Attached is a folder of all the logs I think I need to post. For some reason the phantomHelp website is not showing any details when I upload the txt logs so I am just uploading all the logs folder here:

Would appreciate if any of you kind souls can help me make sense of what could have happened to my drone

I’m not sure what Find My Drone said but did you look here?

Thanks for taking the time to respond! Really appreciate you helping out

Yes that’s where find my drone was suggesting as well. It’s a private apartment complex so I’m trying to call around to see if someone can let me in to investigate. Unfortunately it’s holiday weekend so no one’s around to help me out

I just don’t get how it could have ended up behind the building like that. I would imagine it would try to return to home and not just automatically land. Could this be a case of the uncommanded descent bug I keep reading about? Is there any way to know if it landed successfully or it crashed and fell?

If I can’t find it, would you happen to know if I can get any sort of support from DJI for it? They have not responded to my support case so I don’t know what else to do

The MM was responding correctly to stick inputs - negative pitch was being commanded and it flew backwards to it’s last recorded position. If FailSafe were set to Hover or Land then it would’ve ended up at that position. The .txt log file will have the FailSafe setting.

Wow that’s unfortunate. My rc feed connection was totally lost at that point. I couldn’t see anything and it was unable to connect so I was simply running closer and pressing the controls hoping to reconnect.

Is there a special app or site I need to decode the logs? It appears all gibberish when I try to view on my phone and computer

If you’re referring to the .txt log then you could use either